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Feeling of Pride and Gratitude

Feeling of Pride and Gratitude …Celebrating 77th Independence Day!

Independence Day reminds every Indian of the beginning of a new era, the start of a new life free from bondage and slavery. It is for the same reason that Independence Day is given so much importance and is celebrated in a very grand manner across the country.


The Hospitality Industry is not left behind either as India is an epitome of the culture of hospitality and tradition. We are known the world over for our unmatched hospitality which is said to be caring with the adage ‘Guest is God’. We, at Monarch Group of Hotels, also believe in the spirit of Indian Hospitality and celebrated Independence day with great pomp, zeal, pride and gratitude. All the properties were decorated with tricolour themes. All the decoration done by the staff was hand-made based on the theme of tricolor.


Flag hoisting is the moment of pride and all our employees experience this on independence day. All the properties of the Monarch had arranged for a Flag hoisting ceremony to showcase the amount of love we all have for our nation. Staff had also arranged for cultural events primarily consisting of singing, dance, drill by the security guards and speech by the GMs. To add to the celebration mode, we have run an offer of 60% off on direct booking on our website for all our potential guests. As it is rightly said, “True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what’s right.” Being a part of the Hospitality Industry the onus lies on our shoulders to provide the right kind of hospitality to all our guests so that they feel free to express their experiences. Our aim at Monarch Group of Hotels is to build a robust industry and uphold our unique culture of caring hospitality.


Be a part of Monarch and relish our hospitality this Independence Day at special offers and discounts! Celebrate Freedom with Us!

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