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Green Hospitality: How Sustainable Practices Elevate Our Guest’s Experience

How Sustainable Practices Elevate Our Guest’s Experience

Welcome to Monarch Group of Hotels, where luxury also meets sustainability! We believe that using eco-friendly methods improves your overall experience and protects the environment. Beyond words, our commitment to sustainability governs every part of your visit, impacting both the environment we all share and your comfort.

Reducing Waste: Making Each Decision Count

Our commitment to reducing waste begins with little but significant decisions. We have adopted the usage of reusable glass bottles in place of single-use plastic ones. These add a little touch of refinement to your stay while also cutting down on waste. In addition, our rooms include considerate reminders to save energy by turning off lights when not in use. Together, these little actions add up to create a huge impact.

A vital part of our journey towards sustainability is our laundry habits. To help reduce the amount of laundry that has to be done, we invite visitors to engage by using designated baskets to indicate when they need fresh towels.

Removing Dangerous Substances: A Duty We Fulfil

Monarch Group of Hotels carefully follows procedures for handling and getting rid of dangerous materials, such as light bulbs and batteries. We make it a priority to manage these items responsibly so that our staff and guests can enjoy a clean and safe environment.

Reusable Toiletry Bags and Sustainable Substitutes

Your entire stay has been planned with sustainability in mind. In addition to reducing plastic waste, our reusable toiletry containers demonstrate our dedication to making environmentally responsible decisions. Additionally, our goal of minimising environmental effect without sacrificing convenience is reflected in the use of compostable food containers and utensils.

Water Bottle Filling Stations: An Advancement in Sustainability and Hydration

With the help of our water bottle filling stations, visitors can easily obtain fresh, clean water without using single-use plastic bottles. It’s beneficial for everyone to stay hydrated and support a sustainable environment.

Sustainable Sourcing: Encouraging Local Communities

Our strong belief in the value of environmental stewardship and community support is the foundation of our commitment to sustainable sourcing. We’ve carefully developed ethical purchasing guidelines that emphasise obtaining our food and drink locally. This strategy actively supports the socioeconomic health of our neighbouring communities in addition to its ecological advantages.

Seafood procurement responsibly is a key component of our quest for sustainability. Each seafood dish on our menu has been carefully selected to follow sustainable and ethical fishing methods. Moreover, our wide range of vegetarian meal alternatives highlights our dedication to satisfying a variety of palates and promoting environmentally friendly dining options.

Join Us in Supporting Green Hospitality!

Sustainability is more than a trend at Monarch Group of Hotels; it’s how we make sure that you have a comfortable stay while also doing our part to protect the environment. We warmly encourage you to partake in this environmentally conscious voyage while savouring the comfort and pleasure you deserve.

Book your stay with us and experience the harmony of luxury and sustainability firsthand. Together, let’s make a difference—one thoughtful choice at a time!! 

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