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Monarch's Navratri Jalsa

Monarch's Navratri Jalsa: Unearth Special Offers for a Festive Feast!

Navratri, when translated into English, signifies “nine nights.” Navratri festivities burst with vibrant colours evident in the decorations, attire, and designs all around you. These nine days brim with exuberance, music, Dandiya Raas, delectable cuisine, fun, and more.


In our fast-paced world, where personal time is a rare commodity, the nine days of Navratri are thoughtfully designed to dissolve the year-long fatigue and rekindle inner serenity. By adhering to a sattvic diet and regular meditation, one can experience a profound body-mind detox in just nine days. The Monarch Group is dedicated to providing an equally tranquil environment to tap into these energies, offering special promotions and packages this Navratri.


We extend a generous discount of up to 60% off on direct bookings, in addition to tailored packages exclusively for the weekends. Rejuvenate your weary body and mind after the Dandiya Raas at any of our luxurious ‘The Monarch’ properties.


Indulge in our special Navratri Thali, meticulously curated with finger licking vegetarian delicacies, priced at just INR 450/-. It includes a flavoursome array of options such as Mumtaj Tikkis, Sabudana Vadas, Dahi Kadi pakoda, Paneer butter masala, Aloo jeera, Puris, rice, salad, and much more. These festivities are both tempting and mouth watering this Navratri, aren’t they?


Introducing an Exquisite range of delightful Mithais, available exclusively at pierONE by The Monarch, Chakan. Welcome Maa Durga with Something Exceptional this Festive Season! From sumptuous mithai to luscious chocolatey treats and sugar-drenched delights, we have something to uplift everyone’s spirits! You can place orders for prasads and desserts, showcasing our in-house crafted sweets for your celebrations.


Furthermore, we have meticulously designed special lunch boxes for the various events of this Navratri. These appetising lunch meals are thoughtfully created to accommodate your budget and preferences. You also have the flexibility to personalise your menu to suit your taste. This astonishing offer is nothing short of a blessing for many Durga Pandals this year.


This festive season, embark on an exquisite journey with Monarch Group of Hotels to infuse more flavour into your splendid and dynamic celebrations.



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