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Monarch's Seafood Restaurant- Surbhi Malvani Kitchen & Bar

Surbhi Malvani Kitchen & Bar

Looking for a seafood dining adventure? Look no further than Surbhi Malvani Kitchen & Bar. Enjoy mouthwatering seafood specialties that demonstrate our dedication to protecting and honouring the unique culinary traditions of Malvan and the Konkan. Let’s explore.

Must-Know About Surbhi Malvani Kitchen and Bar

Discover In Three Different Locations 

Tucked away in the colourful scenery of Navi Mumbai, Pune, and Dahanu, this seafood restaurant becomes a sanctuary for people seeking real Malvani food. This culinary treasure is now known for its outstanding seafood offerings that satisfy a wide variety of palates.

Savour Signature Thalis

The restaurant’s signature Shahi Thali, a flavorful symphony carefully crafted for seafood lovers, is the centrepiece of its menu. This signature offering serves as a doorway to an opulent seafood experience, with dishes including crispy Fish Fry Thali, juicy Prawns Thali, sumptuous Crab Thali, and more. 

Explore Various Thali Choices

Although seafood is the main attraction, Surbhi Malvani Kitchen and Bar also serves a mouthwatering selection of land-based dishes. For those looking for meat-centric options, the Chicken Thali and Mutton Thali provide a wonderful alternative, made with the same passion and attention to detail that characterise the restaurant’s culinary culture.

Enhance Your Experience with Exotic Cocktails

We have a wide variety of unique cocktails to go with the delicious seafood, taking the dining experience to new heights. Every drink, from traditional concoctions to creative blends, is expertly made with flair, bringing excitement and refinement to every meal.

Experience Warm Hospitality

In addition to our delicious food, we take great pleasure in giving our guests a cosy, welcoming environment in which they can relax and enjoy the flavours of coastal India. With plenty of seats and a laid-back ambiance perfect for leisurely dining and deep talks, we provide a convenient venue for both business meetings and family vacations.

Get Exceptional Assistance

Expect nothing less than flawless service from the kind and accommodating staff at Surbhi Malvani Kitchen and Bar. They are dedicated to making sure that each and every customer has an amazing eating experience. The team always goes above and beyond to create moments of culinary delight, whether it’s for a big occasion or a casual supper with loved ones.

Final Thoughts: Honouring Coastal Cuisine

In summary, Surbhi Malvani Kitchen and Bar invites guests on a gourmet adventure that honours the rich flavours and customs of coastal India, positioning itself as a beacon of Konkani and Malvani culinary excellence. Regardless of your inclination towards meat, seafood, or vegetarianism, we guarantee an exceptional eating encounter that surpasses limitations and showcases the diverse range of Indian cuisine.

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