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Skye Banquet at The Monarch Rabale

situated in the Vibrant city of Mumbai.!


Skye Banquet at The Monarch Rabale, situated in the vibrant city of Mumbai, is the epitome of versatile event hosting. Whether it’s the celebration of your nuptial vows, corporate conferences, or other significant events, this venue ensures a seamless and memorable experience.

Your journey into marital bliss begins at Skye Banquets @ The Monarch Rabale, where every moment is crafted to perfection. Beyond its picturesque ambiance, the venue offers a blend of aesthetic appeal and comfort, making it an ideal choice for hosting your cherished moments within a budget.





Facilities and Capacity:

Skye Banquets @ The Monarch Rabale can graciously accommodate:

  • Up to 250 guests Floating
  • 150 guests theatre seating
  • 100 guests Cluster seating 

We provide essential lighting, electricity, and full power backup for flawless event execution. The venue comes furnished with pre-set furniture, and a dedicated team of professional service staff ensures your comfort throughout. A well-appointed bridal room is at your disposal for any last-minute preparations. Additionally, the venue holds a licence for sound and music, enhancing the overall celebratory atmosphere.

Conveniently located within the city, Skye Banquets @ The Monarch Rabale offers a private and welcoming setting to celebrate love and companionship. This Open terrace banquet provides an expansive canvas for hosting events ranging from sangeet and mehndi to grand receptions.




Services Offered:


Skye Banquets @ The Monarch Rabale boasts multiple event spaces, facilitating the simultaneous hosting of multiple ceremonies. The culinary expertise of our talented chefs shines through in a diverse array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian platters, allowing you to curate a menu that suits your preferences. The perfect blend of professionalism and warm hospitality ensures that your event becomes an unforgettable experience.



Guest accommodation, a well-appointed bridal dressing room, ample parking space, an in-house restaurant, and valet parking contribute to the seamless hosting experience.


Social Events:


From wedding ceremonies to benevolent fundraising events, Skye Banquet excels in hosting a variety of social gatherings. Our professional staff is dedicated to ensuring the success and grandeur of your event.


Contact Us:

85912 01720/9321989357

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