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Hospitality is one of the most resilient, adaptable and dynamic industries on the planet. It is an industry of constant change, where technology and innovation are being integrated to improve the guest experience. It means extending a welcome to travellers or offering a home away from home.


Hospitality is impossible to teach. It is ingrained in a person while they are raised in their home environment. It is nothing but making your guest feel at home. When it comes to Monarch Group of Hotels, our primary motive is to create an environment for our guests which makes them feel at home. Monarch Group of Hotels is built on the very essence of creating a second home for our guests. For us our staff is like our second family and so we believe in not losing them in the journey of progress. For us hospitality begins from one’s house, it reflects in our work. Every staff member puts in their whole heart to make sure that the guest is comfortable and leaves the property on a happy note to come back again.


Our very principle is highlighted and this is published in Hotelier India magazine giving more insight into our core belief.

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