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‘Successful entrepreneurs don’t wait for the perfect moment – they create it.’ And Mr. Kaushik, founder of the Monarch Group of Hotels, is one such entrepreneur who has created his mark in the hotel industry with his dedication, intelligence and great business acumen. His journey is an inspiration to many and his success story is worth reading. He was featured in Business Connect’s ‘CEO OF THE YEAR 2022’ edition.
Undoubtedly a great leader, visionary, team player and a charismatic personality who has worked smartly and diligently to make Monarch Group of Hotels a brand in the hospitality industry. With no background in hospitality, Mr. Kaushik has achieved something remarkable. He began by refurbishment of his aunt’s hotel in Navi Mumbai and in just mere 8 months the sales of the hotel escalated to manifolds, making it very clear for him where his interests lie. There is no looking back forthis young entrepreneur who has aimed to become a buzzing name in the industry.

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