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We strongly believe in delivering more than expected and that is why our corporate clients prefer us the most. On a busy work day any corporate client would require a hassle free stay and ease of work without having it to ask for and that is exactly what we offer. All our major clients are associated with us due the following reasons:

● Proximity – All our hotels are located strategically near huge corporate parks and industrial areas like MIDC  Navi Mumbai and Pune that it cuts down on travel time for any corporate client. Our hotels limit in-city travel  time, which means more time to get the work done.
● Free and fast Wi-fi – In today’s time Wi-fi is the must for corporate as well as for personal requirements. All  our outlets have free Wi-fi inside as well outside the rooms. Our strong Wi-fi networks urges our clients to book and rebook our hotels for any of their corporate meetings and events.
● Special Offers – Best quality services at discounted rates lures anyone who is looking for luxury at economical  rates. We are known to provide this.
● Accessible conference and meeting rooms – We have ample space for meet and greet to conduct any kind of corporate meetings and events.
● Fast Services – You name it and we serve you the best at the doorstep of your hotel room. Clients prefer fast service and we are apt in providing that.
● Healthy Hotel dining Option – Our minds work best when our stomachs are full. With a variety and healthy meal options, working becomes enjoyable and fun for any corporate client and we are known for our restaurants’ taste and delicacies like PierOne, Surbhi Malvani and The C (Cabo Cruise).
● A Personalised Experience – Our staff is recognised for their amiable behaviour and professionalism. They give their best to give you a personalised experience during your stay in our various properties.
● A Setting That Promotes Productivity and Rest – A productive hotel includes a comfortable, well-lit desk with plenty of power outlets. A restful hotel is one that is quiet and comfortable. We are a combination of both and that is why we are the most preferred by our corporate clients.
● Somewhere to Relax and Unwind – Our hotels offer inviting public spaces where guests can enjoy a drink, enjoy live music or do anything of their choice. Of course, at the end of the day every working client needs some space to relax and unwind and we offer exactly that . 
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