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A Culinary Bucket List at Monarch!

Are you an ultimate foodie? Do you think of food all the time? Do you just scroll insta reels and keep checking new yummy recipes to try? Do you think about dinner while having lunch and plan your breakfast at dinner? If yes, the choice of dishes that are chef special at pierONE by Monarch Group of Hotels is truly for you.

A great culinary experience stays forever and when you are a foodie, you do remember it. When it comes to the joy of food, the world is truly your oyster. Our Head Chef Mr. Durga Khadka has mastered the art of crafting amazingly mouth-watering delicacies. Some of his best made dishes which are a must-try and should be there in your Culinary Bucket list are below:

  • Tom Tom Thai soup which has a splendid flavour of tender coconut and classic turmeric, beneficial for health and immunity.
  • Cream of Broccoli and Almond soup which is loaded with the goodness of  riboflavin, magnesium and rich in vitamin K and E.
  • Mexican Crispy Salad is a healthy and tasty saviour for all the health conscious foodies. It is crafted with iceberg lettuce, 3B crispy Nachos and salsa and sour cream.
  • Barbeque Chicken Ball Pizza – a sumptuous meal to blow your mind with its exotic tastes.
  • Bhatti ka Jhinga is a unique preparation of prawns marinated with north Indian spices cooked in tandoor.

The list of such delectable and luscious exotic flavours is long. To try these varieties you should visit our restaurants pierONE at the Monarch, Rabale and Chakan, Surbhi Malvani Kitchen and Bar at Monarch Guestline and Monarch Centrepoint and The C Cruise at Thane.

A food lover travels length and breath to taste yummy and tasty food to satiate the taste-buds. If you are one such lover and want to experience extraordinary flavours, do book a table at any of our restaurants. After all, in the words of Virginia Woolfe “One cannot think well, love well or sleep well if one has not dined well,” and it is quite possible no truer words were ever spoken. 

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